Ways Abroad - an Editorial on Globalisation

Monday is Star Trek day. For the past three weeks I have been anxiously waiting for Netflix to release a new episode of the series and this is only due to globalisation. Globalisation has not only gifted us with Netflix, but drastically improved our everyday lives. It is hard to think back to a time without it. During the week my breakfast consists of scrambled eggs with bacon, a bowl of mixed fruits such as mango and dragonfruit. On rare occasions I will finish it off with a slice of pita bread with Nutella. All these ingredients originate from different parts of the world such as the united Kingdom, India, the middle east and Italy.

Although my breakfast seems rather casual, it is a wonder that consists of cultures and cuisines from all over the world we have just forgotten to appreciate the simple things in life that globalisation provides. After my delightful breakfast, I ride my bicycle, made in China, to the local tram station at which my Swedish bus driver picks me up and takes me to an institution reaping great benefits from globalisation. Exchange programs and courses in English, Spanish, French or Greek are all consequences of globalisation. International relations have become closer than ever before making international education and exchange programs more practical than ever before. Students get to experience a huge variety of cultures, languages and lifestyles.  After a long and exhausting day in school, I commonly occupy the couch in the living room to relax and unwind to an episode of Big Bang Theory on Netflix. Usually, this procedure is interrupting at precisely 8:00 PM, because my parents show more interest in the news. Information from all over the world is collected and condensed to a volume that we can easily comprehend. Never has it been easier to be up to date to international news. As a result of this international aid organization have formed to tackle international conflicts and crisis'.

Of course the idea of someone hacking my computer and watching me as I fall asleep to an episode of Big Bang Theory intimidates me. Globalisation both benefits and challenges our society. Advantages and disadvantages of globalisation in different areas of society should be analyzed and discussed in detail. As for me, I Support globalisation as long as Netflix keeps on releasing a new Star Trek episode every Monday.